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Hi guys. Today, I am going to write technical writing for this blog. After struggling to think one, I decided to write tips on how to play a game called super smash bros ultimate.

What is it about?

Super smash bros ultimate is a fighting game that was released in 2018 on the Nintendo switch. It is a game that the characters from the different titles of the game fight each other. There are many modes to play in the game and the most common mode among them is a stock match, which you need to push off your opponent out of the screen. When you started with this game, you probably have no idea how to do many things, like smash attack or recovery. Here I am to teach you many various tips on how to get better on the game.

Tips on getting better

First off, let’s start with basic things. There are a few types of attacks you can perform. This is, jab, tilt attack, smash attack, special attack, and air attack. By pressing “a” button, you can do jab. By pressing “a” and move your circle pad to the direction you want to attack, it would perform a tilt attack. A Smash attack is the same as a tilt attack except you move and press at the same time. By pressing “a” while in the air, you can perform an air attack. For a special attack, you press the “b” button. When attacking your opponent, you also need to understand how to defend. By pressing the “ZR” or “ZL” button, you can shield, which protects you from attacking. When you let go of your shield as the attack is about to hit, you would perform a parry, which you get to attack in a small frame before your opponent gets away. When it breaks, you will be in stun for a few seconds. However, by using grab, “L” or “R” button, you can ignore their shield and grab them and attack them. But at the same time, they can also dodge your attack by pressing a shield and move the circle pad. Once you get hit, you would get push off depending on your percentage. The higher the percentage, the attacks push you further. Once you get pushed off the stage, you can still recover. By jumping, press the “x” or “y” button, you still have a chance to recover back. Most of the time, your up special is the move to recover. For the sure kill, most of the situation, a smash attack works the best for landing a kill. These are the basic things you need to understand for playing smash.


There are currently over 70 characters in the game and all of them have different play styles. It is your effort to get better at the game. I am hoping for the best for the new players to become a pro.